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Kitty Party Become Bollywood Party 5 Ways To Turn Fun

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Kitty Party Become Bollywood Party 5 Ways To Turn Fun

Kitty Party Become Bollywood Party 5 Ways To Turn FunDance Like Shilpa Shetty Feel the Bollywood heroine you’ve always dreamed of. Yes, we’ve all seen the Bollywood films in exuberant style, showcasing the sexy female lead actress dancing together with her floppy-fringed and hero busting some moves together with his tight-fitting trousers and freshly-oiled torso. And do not we girls like to get into the zone of feeling sort of a Bollywood heroine only for a few hours in our lifetime. Yes, we do! So choosing a Bollywood dance class, where you’ll wear the costumes, the bangles, and therefore the bindis and pose ahead of the mirror, dance to some funky Bollywood dance numbers would be of top appeal to several.

Food, Bollywood Food

Most people wouldn’t automatically acquaint Bollywood with food. But food is the bedrock of Indian culture. Long gone are the times of seeing our mothers or grandmothers slaving away within the kitchen, 20 pots steaming all directly and a kitchen utensil at the ready. Indian food as we now realize it has skilled a renaissance. Chicken tikka masala, a British invention, and Bollywood canapes are the alternatives of our sophisticated palates now. We’re not afraid to experiment with spices. The frightening idea of filling your storage cabinet with 101 flavors has gone. you’ll now cook up an honest three-course Bollywood meal easily with a fun attitude and sit down together with your party and luxuriate in the fruits of your cooking. Not everyone loves cooking though so you’ll always hire somebody else to try to do the cooking. Imagine fresh Bollywood canapes which are mouthwatering bites. No pain and no gain on the waistline either. Canapes Bollywood style are easy to eat and digest just before an enormous night out on the town.

Kitty Party Become Bollywood Party 5 Ways To Turn Fun

Look Bollywood Beautiful

How many of you’d like to appear as if a Bollywood actress? Be honest. it is the ultimate fantasy that most girls aspire to. If you’re blessed Bollywood looks why not make the foremost of it. And albeit you are not, what is wrong with treating yourself to a Bollywood makeover fit the celebs . Give yourself the red carpet treatment just before going bent a special party. Make an occasion of it. Get Bollywood sumptuous and glamorous. it’ll cause you to feel the part. After all, you do not roll in the hay a day. a bit like getting to the spa, getting the women together, and having a Bollywood Makeup party is ideal.

Adorn and Decorate Bollywood Style

When does one get an opportunity to actually dress up? When it involves the special party out with friends, there’s nothing quite like getting dressed up for the part especially if you are going to a glamorous event sort of a ball. Draping a sari is extremely elegant. Getting mehndi done on your hands and feet is great before your best friend’s wedding also. Get your party to decorate up from head to toe and feel Bollywood glamorous.

Bollywood Nights on the Town

Do you like dancing to cheesy Bollywood tunes? Well, why not make your hen night different from the standard run of the mill down the nightclub and head for a Bollywood night out? it is a bit like going bent a 70s night or an 80s night you get into the spirit of that era of music. Well, Bollywood nights are not any different. you’ll dress up or dress down the maximum amount as you wish. The key’s in letting go and dancing till the first hours.

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