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Organizing Your Party Like Bollywood Style

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Organizing Your Party Like Bollywood Style

Organizing Your Party Like Bollywood Style-Something special for your anniversary party or your daughter/sons birthday, would you wish your party to face out among all the opposite parties that you simply have attended, how about organising your own Bollywood party that folks will remember for an extended time.

So what’s Bollywood?

Bollywood is that the equivalent of Hollywood but much bigger in quantity and flexibility and in particular its fun and vibrant.

Simply Bollywood is that the movie industry in India which is legendary for its lavish productions, songs and dance. Bollywood isn’t an Indian culture intrinsically but it is a potpourri of all Indian cultures, music and other people . the primary Bollywood movie was produced in 1913 and since then the industry has evolved into the most important movie industry within the world. the quantity of flicks produced in Bollywood a year is about 1000, but unofficially the figure is far higher if we add the number of flicks that are made independently and for Television. The term Bollywood springs from the town Bombay synonymous to Hollywood.

Organizing Your Party Like Bollywood Style

Get Started -Now that you simply are conscious of Bollywood, and need to organise a Bollywood party lets start with some basic ideas.

The ambience

The ambience of Bollywood parties are often lavish to simple depends on what percentage people come to your party and the way much you would like to spend. Many party planners now have a Bollywood theme in their planning list and that they can organize everything for you, otherwise you can organize it yourself with little or no planning and with a limited budget.

Purchase a few of colourful silk Sarees and drape them around the house. the flexibility of the Indian saree is unlimited; due to its 5 meters of length that sometimes have lovely patterns and colour, and you’ll use them for nearly any decoration. Fairy lights from your Christmas decoration come handy too, but the fairy lights behind the saree drape, Add Indian style candle holders which are available at almost every variety store and a couple of colourful cushion covers.

Always attempt to make a central theme, perhaps a round table with bright fabric to hide, throw some sparkles and flower petals around, put various size candles within the middle, some small to medium size Indian objects like Elephants or Camel or maybe old colourful bangles. Use of flowers is usually handy, bright colourful flowers particularly marigold and hibiscus will look pretty good. Please view the attached pictures to offer you some ideas for your Bollywood party.

Bollywood Party Food


Samosa – one among the foremost popular appetizers in India is that the Samosa. Simple crispy pastry crammed with either meat or vegetables or both. it is easy to cook but if you are doing not have the time, you’ll buy them in packets of 6 or 12 from most supermarkets.

Pakora Sandwich – sandwich crammed with mixed vegetables then battered or deep-fried.

Kababs – We all know Kababs, again you’ll make yourself or buy pre-made.

Pakora or poker – boiled soft meat and vegetable or simply vegetables battered and deep-fried.

For the most dish -Fried rice with either Chicken tikka masala. Rogan josh plain chicken curry with papadum and Chapati or Roti which you’ll buy pre-made up of any local grocery.

There are several Indian dishes you’ll cook reception with little to no preparation as most of the ingredients are available at the most supermarkets.

For dessert, Mango Kulfi is that the best as it is easy to organize and features a universal taste.

What to Wear at a Bollywood Party

Please visit the Devs Bollywood site for more details.

The invitation card

You can really create some beautiful Indian pattern cards to impress your guests during a very simple way. Paisley and Ganesha being the foremost used pattern on Indian cards you’ll either hand paint or print out the pattern on the cardboard. Most designs are available on the internet and you’ll download prints as low as 50 c.


Now that you simply have planned everything, what about some fun?

Music – there’s much upbeat music available whether it’s Indian Pop or Bhangra or Bollywood music. Instrumental Sitar playing within the background will really make the atmosphere nice and soft.

Dance – If you would like to involve your guests in the scene hire a Bollywood dance teacher for the event. Learn a routine and celebrate.

Mehendi – Now for all the women, this is often a significant business but also such a lot of fun with an Indian Mehendi session. If you recognize a Mehendi artist or friend who knows the way to put Mehendi thereon would be great or simply try some easy patterns on your hand and feet. the simplest thing about Mehendi, it’s temporary and appears really attractive when done properly.

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